Destination Detail


Located almost 1,000 miles off of mainland East Africa, the Seychelles has always been a dream destination of mine. With pristine white-sand beaches, lush forests, and dramatic mountains, this place is a true tropical paradise. With exotic trees lining the beaches for miles, this place is a beach lover’s heaven. And there’s no shortage of natural beauty in any direction. The island is full of picture-perfect coconut plantations and empty beaches with granite peaks framing it all. It’s almost too beautiful for words. You could spend your entire Seychelles escape just lounging on the beaches. There are immaculate white-sand beaches all over the islands, and the weather is ideal pretty much every day of the year. When you are ready to look beyond the shores, there are adventure companies all over Mahé that’ll offer you an incredible day out. Go rock climbing, kayaking, or scuba diving, or scale the granite rocks. Any of the adventure companies around the island will get you set up with all of the equipment that you need for a fun day out. Mahé is also home to Morne Seychellois National Park and offers tons of outdoor activities and hiking trails for those who want to get some of the best views over the island.